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Creative Music for Schools is a Registered Pdi Provider.
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Pdi Instrumental Music Development for teachers      

Creative Music's 'Teacher Instruction' Pdi Program Description.


Teachers who wish to maintain their VIT registration are required to attend 75 hours of PD over a 5 year period from initial registration. Registered teachers can utilise this service to achieve this end.


Our 'Teacher Instruction' program encourages classroom teachers to help their students develop instrumental music skills. Our instructors foster all aspects of musical development, with special attention given to:

  • Correct playing technique
  •  Music theory
  •  Playing of instrument/s (including correct posture)
  •  Pace of students learning
  •  Composition
  •  Improvisation and its development (when and how to introduce it)
  •  Technology (media production and storage)


Classroom teachers may also wish to know more about:

  • How to help children overcome musical learning stumbling blocks
  • Overcoming undesirable playing habits
  • Setting up keyboard laboratories
  • Considerations in choosing (purchasing) suitable instruments and instruction books
  • Setting up sound systems and recording studios



Creative Music has a pool of over seventy five instrumental music teachers with a wide variety of experience and skills relating to the areas within the Program Description above. This list is regularly updated and does change as the instrumental instructor's availability changes. Presenter's skills are tailored to the schools need.


Assessment Requirements

An assessment report (provided by Creative Music) acknowledges the points covered within each of the PD session/s. We also encourage teachers to evaluate the sessions' relevance to their teaching.



  • All Pdi sessions are conducted within the host school premises.
  • Percussion equipment (marimbas, drum kit) to be made available for the sessions by the host school to the teachers within PD session.
  • Instrument hire available at reasonable prices.


Relevance of Application

Any teachers wishing to utilise instrumental instruction sessions to fulfil their professional development requirement in order to maintain their VIT registration. These sessions aim to:

  • Extend the class teacher's practical and theoretical knowledge of music.
  • Provide the teacher with additional instrumental skills
  • Provide information for teachers, relating to

(i) choosing the appropriate musical equipment for school use and how it can be utilised effectively. 

(ii) This information relates to purchasing music teaching material or technical production issues (all information is provided without bias to company of purchase).


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*Prices relate to above Promo Code

$85 per 45 min session - based on individual 1:1 session.

$55 per 45 minute session - 2 teachers in a group.

Minimum booking: 90 minute.

All costs include GST.

(typically billed to the school, requiring official school approval)